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Rekindle the
Joy of Learning

We at Funworks Education believe that with the right partner and tools, you can help children rekindle their joy of learning at any stage of their journey.


Our core mission is to nurture the innate love of learning that each child possesses while fostering continuous and sustainable development by promoting a playful approach to learning.




English Programmes

Success starts with having a good (and fun!) plan. Whether you are in charge of English education for primary or secondary schools, educational institutions, or business communities, we’ve got you covered. Our programmes are designed to meet pre-defined objectives while retaining the flexibility to be tailor-made to suit individual needs.


Curious for more? Click below to learn about our comprehensive range of courses and workshops.


Fun Day

Generate genuine engagement and boost learning with our Fun Days! Children level up on their English while having a great time by breaking away from the formality of school curriculums—be it by running your own games day or going on interactive outings.


Ready for some fun? Click below to get more details.


Create and Learn Workshops

Giving children the agency to create brings a whole host of benefits that enhance their capacity to learn. Our Create and Learn Workshops are designed to engage children in hands-on activities that build self-confidence, boost problem-solving skills, and empower them to learn independently. All while giving them the chance to design and create their own works of art!


Get the creative juices flowing! Click below to see how we encourage children to put their hands and minds to work.


English Teacher Services

Even the best plans require the right person to make success a reality. Our extensive network of NESTs and NNESTs are dedicated and passionate, providing children with top-class learning experiences that build healthy attitudes and inspire lifelong learning.

Click below to find out how to get matched with the right teacher for you.

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