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Our experience has taught us that fun and games actively engage children and keeps them motivated, which in turn fuels learning. Our Fun Days are developed to be intrinsically motivating by integrating language learning with games. There are countless ways to run your Fun Day, and they all serve to help children to learn and reinforce their English language skills.

We can help you host your very own Day of Games where children get a chance to develop their own game booths and interact with each other. Alternatively, our half-day outings are another great way for children to hone their English language skills. These are designed to be packed full of fun with treasure hunts, games, and quests that allow them to explore the language and their surroundings at the following venues:

  • Tai Kwun

  • Ocean Park

  • 1881

  • Stanley

To find out more or create your personalized Fun Day, contact us for a consultation!

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